Quantock Holly
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Cut fresh each morning from our farm in Somerset and sent direct to you

Our "Big Boxes" are packed full of fresh berried holly

Perfect for Florists,  Christmas decorations   and wreaths

Containing 8kg with 3 different berried varieties, a golden variegated, a silver variegated and a dark, glossy green

The holly is nicer to handle than hedge holly, as we chose varieties for their looks  as well as "soft" spines

Each sprig is normally 10-18 inches long and has plenty of red berries

We only include fresh growth, so no wasteful wood

We can also supply variegated holly without berries

Just get in touch and we will harvest fresh what you want, when you want from our unique orchard

Order here. If you require a smaller amount of holly for your home,
visit www.HollyByPost.co.uk

Box of Holly