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Ram Lamb

Ewe lambs


All available, ex farm, Somerset.

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Ouessants at pear treeouessant white lambouessants under strawberries

Ouessant Sheep are claimed to be the smallest sheep in the world.

Rams shoulder height is up to 48cm (a little over 18in) and ewes up to 45cm.

Rams have relatively large horns, and ewes are naturally hornless (polled).

Ouessants are full of character and have an unusually friendly nature.

They make extremely good pets, who enjoy human interaction, and are not at all aggressive.

They are low maintenance, requiring much less land than other breeds, and very little if any supplementary feeding.

They also make extremely good lawnmowers!

Named after the island it originated from, the Ouessant Sheep is a perfect breed for ‘first time’ sheep keepers,

 Hobby sheep keepers, those with a paddock or small holding.

We let ours graze under the "table-top strawberries".



Tel; Andrew, 07970 858536